The iPhone offers its users access to world-class features; the more you explore, the more you discover. Other than making a call, browsing the web, capturing images, and viewing your social media accounts, you can do even more on your iPhone.

The article enumerates some of these tips so that you can get the most functionality out of your iPhone.

Charge Battery Faster

When you’re in a hurry, you probably want to charge your phone faster. Turn on the Airplane Mode as it disables many features that consume the battery. Some of these features include WiFi networking and cellular data.

When the battery is not consumed on the go, it charges faster. When your iPhone is fully charged, don’t forget to disable the Airplane Mode and bring your phone back to its normal state.

To use Airplane mode, launch Control Center and swipe up or down on the screen (based on your iPhone model) to view various options.

Use Backspace Key

For users who spend most of their time in simple calculations on an iPhone, this feature will help. More often than not, you type in a wrong digit and won’t be able to delete it instantly.

In that case, swipe the left or right side of the screen to delete the digit from the Calculator app. Left swipe or right swipe works as a backspace key when you are using the app.

Rotate your phone into landscape mode to explore more features when you are working in the Calculator app.

Auto-Change Wallpaper

Setting a wallpaper on your iPhone is easy, and you can select one for your phone by navigating to the Settings.

If you are bored of looking at the same wallpaper all the time, tweak the setting to let your phone change the wallpaper automatically.

Using the personal automation feature in the Shortcuts app, you can set the wallpaper to change dynamically.

Clear Storage Often

Phones are used for clicking images more than calling, and this leads to accumulating a lot of duplicates that occupy significant space. Deleting these images regularly is important to prevent storage choke.

Not only do the images consume storage space on the start disk, but they also slow down the device. Moreover, the latest iPhones integrate advanced graphics and animation features that keep on improvising the images often.

Find the junk and duplicate images and delete them right away. To free up storage, connect the iPhone to Mac and move the entire data. If your Mac is full, click here to learn more about the tips to clean the startup disk, which will help.

Use Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a feature that lets you use your device in the dark by switching the bright interface to the dark. In some way, it prevents your eyes from stressing out when using an iPhone for prolonged hours.

To enable Dark Mode on your iPhone, click Settings, select General, and tap Accessibility. Next, click on Display Accommodations, and select Invert Colors.

Then select Smart Invert if you want to switch only a few colors to Dark Mode or select Classic Invert to switch all colors.

Press Volume to Capture

Clicking images by tapping the on-screen button sometimes leads to shaky and blurry pictures. What if you get a super easy and still way to capture images instantly.

Open the Camera app, focus on the object that you wish to capture, adjust the frame, and press the volume button on your iPhone to click a perfect image.

The tips for capturing images with the volume button works with all iPhone models. Some iPhones click images with the Up volume and button, while some capture with the Down button.

Back Up iPhone Data

Even though your data syncs with iCloud regularly, you need to backup all the images, documents, and videos so that you can restore them after accidental data loss.

iCloud allows for 5 GB of data storage which is not sufficient; therefore, you might need to select an alternate method to safeguard data.

Connect your iPhone to your computer and then move data to the external storage drive. You may also free up your iCloud drive for other data.

Stop Videos From Auto-Playing

You might have noticed the videos playing automatically in Safari, which seems distracting when you are working on an important project.

Some of these large-volume videos consume huge mobile data. You can stop these videos from auto-playing on your iPhone by following the given steps.

Go to Settings, click Accessibility, tap Motion, and turn off the Auto Play Video Previews option. Now, you will not have to turn off the videos manually the next time you visit any website.

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