Best Animated TV Series to Catch on Disney+ – USA 2022

Disney+ has quickly made its way to the leading streaming services and rightfully so. It has the most exclusive library of titles that you may not be able to find on other platforms. Be it Marvel comics or Disney originals, Disney+ is your one-stop. However, Disney did make its mark in the industry through their animated content, so why should we leave that behind?

So, dive into this list of best-animated TV series to catch on Disney+ and watch with your kids for all the fun (or even just yourself, after all, who does not love classic Disney?). However, you would want to make sure of one thing, have a reliable internet connection. For this, you can rely on Mediacom Internet for providing you the stable connectivity so you can enjoy these series without any buffering issues.

1.      Duck Tales (2017)

The 1987 classic Duck Tales got a modern revamp in 2017. It not only hit back with the old characters but also expanded with newer ones that added more depth to the plot. Duck Tales have been a great choice for families for giving the ‘fun time’ to their kids. Just like in 1987, Scrooge McDuck along with his nephews Dewey, Huey, and Louie hit back the screens and you have to tune into the show to hop on their fun.

2.      Phineas and Ferb

‘Phineas and Ferb’ show is about the 104 days of vacation of the duo along with friends. Every single one these days, they make new inventions, newer ideas, and ways to keep the fun alive and keep themselves entertained. There is no limitation of fun moments and possibilities with Phineas and Ferb. So, if you are ready to expand your playlist with catchy music and embark on this summer vacation, then hop on to Disney+ now and watch this show.

3.      Monsters at Work

There are many spin-off series on Disney+, but not all of them are great in terms of plot and especially production value. Because Monsters at Work builds on the hilarity of Monster Inc. while introducing new characters and expanding on the well-loved plot, it quickly gained popularity. It’s an excellent program for both children and adults and explains what happened when frightening was banned.

4.      Duck Tales (1987)

The iconic 1987’s Duck Tale is worth the watch even if you now have the newer version. Why would anyone want to skip out on the classic, right? So, watch the 1987 Duck Tales now and embark on the crazy adventure with McDuck, Dewey, Huey, and Louie.

5.      Star Wars: The Clone Wars

People who are fans of Star Wars tend to gravitate toward Star Wars: The Clone Wars because it is one of several series that make up the Star Wars world. The struggle between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic is the focus of this entire series. This show covers a succession of battles as the plot develops and is full of action and adventure.

6.      Iron Man (1994)

Whenever we think about Iron Man, we immediately imagine Robert Downey Jr. But do not go into this season with your expectations as high as the RDJ movies. However, in 1994 this animated show was quite impressive. So, if you love today’s Iron Man or Tony Stark, then do watch this series for noticing a stark difference between the then character and today’s.

7.      Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls focuses on Dipper and Mabel, twins who have been sent away for the summer to a new, mysterious town in Oregon. The show focuses on their outrageous antics as they deal with paranormal and supernatural phenomena while working in their great-uncle Stans’s museum. Dipper is persuaded that there is something strange going on in the town and sets out to find out what it is. This television series combines comedy, mystery, and action.

Wrapping Up

Well, this list was like a warm breeze from our childhood. We all have watched major of these shows and they brought back lots of memories along. Now is the time you pass on this legacy to your kids and have fun watching these this summer break.

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